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My fic master post

Hi. I'm all over. uhm. you can find me on tumblr, deviantart, archive of our own, livejournal and fanfic.

So here's a list of things I want to write or fill and stuff.


Here's a list of the few i shall be working on to get published. Kind of inspired by atlinmerrick's 156 Things.

1. Mycroft's Spirit Animal is a Slow Loris.

2. Mycroft Sometimes Gets Tired of Work NC-17

3. There Was a Time When They Were Little That Sherlock and Mycroft Didn't Always Fight

4. Mycroft Used to be Like Sherlock and Conduct Experiments All the Time (The Hamster Incident)

5. The Party

6. Mycroft Has Never Forgotten His Mom's Words During that Party

7. Sometimes Mycroft Genuinely Needs Sherlock's Help, and Sometimes Sherlock Gives it to Him.

8. Mycroft Was in Love Once. NC-17 (Oliver series)

9. Mycroft Knew John Before He Met Sherlock

10. Mycroft Played Matchmaker Once. Things are Proceeding Nicely.

11. Sometimes Pickup Lines Work-NC-17

12. Boyfriends john/sherlock

Cabin Pressure
1. Post Coital Cuddles arthur/martin or here
2. Exams WIP over at the prompting magical place. 
3. The one Where Arthur has to land the plane...where is it?